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New Styles of Garage Doors

By Blog Admin on 28 Dec 2014 In Elegant Garage Doors, Garage door, Residential Garage Doors, Garage Doors

As in most industries, garage door design is forever evolving, reflecting and sometimes leading the current trends for appearance, function and technology. The latest styles of garage doors offer innovative ways to save space, reduce complexity, and allow homeowners to make a unique design statement. With up to 40 percent of your front façade taken up by garage doors, the right choice is a critical factor in boosting your home's curb appeal. A well-integrated garage door style can add to the market value of your home by 1 to 4 percent, according to a survey of real estate agents conducted by Stratamark Research. The bottom line: a beautiful garage door can pay for itself and provide the latest in styling and practicality. Let's take a look at some interesting new garage door styles.

Trento Collection by Amarr

Trento Garage Door by Amarr Elegant Trento Garage Door from Italy, by Amarr

This elegant new collection of doors is the latest offering from Silvelox of Italy. A variety of styles is now available in North America. Trento Collection garage door feature a breakthrough technology that replaces rails, springs and tracks with a neatly folding overlap design. As the two-panel door lifts, the top panel pivots inward 90 degrees and the bottom panel folds underneath the top one, forming a sandwich. The motor is housed in the headbar, obviating the need for the usual mechanical supporting gear. This results in significant space saving, plus it’s a hoot to watch -- your neighbors will be endlessly fascinated. Each door uses two sets of infrared detectors for safety and a coded high security anti-snap/bump lock cylinder. Optional automatic deadbolts are available, and you can operate the deadbolts from the inside without a key. The doors feature high quality 80mm-thick panel construction with perimeter seals inside and out. Styles are available in various shades of aluminum or wood that will complement most modern style settings.

Durafirm Collection by Overhead Door

The Durafirm Collection Model 872 is a top performer, offering superior thermal efficiency and sound absorption. The door is clad in rugged, thick vinyl that frees owners from the maintenance of wood doors and the rusting and denting of steel ones. The UV-resistant vinyl panels are bonded with steel and polyurethane for strength and provide an R-value of 11.75. The collection is available in a range of colors and options on a V5 panel assembly that delivers a long-lasting maintenance-free finish. You can choose the timeless look of painted grained hardwood in four distinct colors and four styles of trim for glass windows that can be etched in three satin styles. Scratches aren't a problem because the color goes through the entire panel. Steel stiles anchor the 22-gauge steel C-channels running the length of each panel for superior strength.

Custom Doors by Artisan and Carriage House Door

Medallion Series Garage Doors Medallion Series by Artisan

For some, nothing but a fine wood carriage door will do, for those there is the Medallion Series by Artisan. These designs often follow traditional themes. If you are looking for a more contemporary and unique interpretation of the carriage garage door, check out our other custom door designs by Artisan and Carriage House Door. These are designed and built to your exact specifications using beautiful hardwoods and elegant detailing. Hardwood tongue-and-groove, flat or raised panel overlay doors can have hidden fasteners, high-performance insulation and true divided lights. You can select from a variety of hardwoods, including mahogany and Spanish cedar. The Douglas fir core frame uses reliable mortise and tenon joinery, and high performance foam insulation can provide an R-value of up to 9.1 or higher depending upon the door design and choices of materials. You can choose among bifold, trifold, barn and swing-door designs, or create your own as you see fit. It's your design, so you can specify oversized trim boards, alternate-width boards, herringbone panels, decorative hardware -- whatever satisfies your requirements for chic contemporary or rich traditional style.

These are just a very few of the manufacturers and styles of doors available today. We have a saying, “If you can draw us a picture of it, we can probably build a door to match”

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