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What to Consider When Purchasing an Industrial Overhead Door - Part 2

By Blog Admin on 31 Jan 2016 In Industrial Doors, Industrial Overhead Doors, Commercial Doors, Commercial Garage Doors

In Part 1, we introduced this outline of factors that should be considered when buying an industrial overhead door, and we discussed the first item, functionality. In Part 2, wse'll consider safety and quality concerns that enter into the decision-making process.

  1. Functionality
    1. Size/Design
    2. Operation
    3. Environmental
  2. Safety/Security
  3. Quality/Value

Safety and Security

Commercial Coiling Door Commercial Coiling Door, Model 611-621-626, Overhead Door Company

Most industrial applications strive for zero tolerance of unsafe conditions. Furthermore, the physical security of work locations is a foundational axiom. To reach these goals, companies must plan for safety and security in a coherent, step-by-step process. Here are some of the important factors to be considered:


In this context, security means that:

  1. The overhead doors can only be operated by authorized personnel. The best way to achieve this in an industrial setting is to have a central control unit operated by trained and authorized employees. A secured communications network including video monitoring is required so that door operation can be observed and controlled. In a high-security application, secure storage facility for sensitive information or a manufacturing facility that uses precious metals or certain hazardous chemicals in their processes, great care must be taken to control vehicle entry and exit through a high-security protocol that requires positive identification and verification of all requests to open doors. The doors and surrounding areas must be well lit and equipped with overlapping video cameras. If appropriate, motion detectors should trigger floodlights and/or alarms.
  2. An automated record of all door movements should be maintained.
  3. If necessary, all doors should be able to be locked down from a central security control.
  4. If the doors are locally controllable with remote controls, the units should be equipped with rolling code technology to prevent code stealing. This means a new code is used each time the remote is operated. In high security situations, access to remote openers must be tightly controlled.
  5. Doors can be outfitted with integrated deadbolt systems and provisions for padlocks.


  1. All power operated doors should be equipped with safety equipment, including electric eyes, pressure sensors and emergency-release mechanisms.
  2. Door safety should be tested monthly to ensure closing doors automatically reverse when they hit obstacles.
  3. Doors must be regularly maintained and kept in good repair by trained personnel.


Model 526 Commercial Doors Sharp-Looking Model 526 Commercial Doors

Overhead Door constructs commercial and industrial doors to the highest standards of quality and value. In the greater scheme of things, trying to save money by using inferior doors is a big mistake. Not only will the door have a compromised lifetime, it will require more maintenance and repairs to keep it working. Industrial doors should incorporate springs and other parts that exceed the cycle requirements of the application.

Care should also be taken to ensure the door provides the required thermal and sound attenuation characteristics. High quality doors have integrated insulation and high R-values. Industrial applications may also need overhead doors with the ability to withstand high wind loads and weather infiltration. Quality doors have special construction details to break thermal flow and seal against water and wind.

Heavy gauge steel and aluminum are the perfect material for industrial doors that are going to see a lot of stress and strain. This material holds up for a long time and can accept a paint finish or powder coating. Wood, although beautiful, is seldom used in industrial settings except for facilities, such as a brewery, that have a public component. Contact your local Overhead Door supplier when designing or renovating an industrial facility -- there is a wide variety of choices and provides the opportunity for many custom solutions.

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