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How to Prepare For Your Garage Door & Opener Service Call

Your Service Call is Scheduled.  Here's What You Can Do to Get Your Garage Ready.

The overhead garage door on your home has stopped working and...

Why Does my Garage Door Squeak So Much?

 Why Does my Garage Door Squeak So Much?

Walk into the garage, push the button on the wall console and…squeak, screech and scrape…the garage door...

Restoring Older Garage Door & Opener Systems

in·teg·ri·ty   inˈteɡrədēnoun
The state of being unimpaired, soundness.
Has your garage door or electric opener sytem lost...

Halloween Spook-Em Ups

By Alfredo Zhou On 27 Oct 2016 In Garage Door Service

It's the season for Tricks or Treats.

4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Squeaking

Garage Doors can produce intense vibrations as it opens, resulting in a squeaking and disturbing sound. It may not trouble your family and other...

When to Call It Quits With Your Garage Door

Alas, even the best-made garage doors may eventually need replacement. Sometimes you need a new door because a car damages the old one. More...

Why You Should Not Operate a Damaged Overhead Door

As we have pointed out in the past, garage doors are big, heavy moving objects that can hurt, pin and even kill pets and people. We've also...

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