Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey is ready to take immediate action to effectively protect you, your employees and your patients during this pandemic. Our staff is ready to assist you.

These are some of the healthcare solutions that we are offering.

✓ Safety Shields
✓ Separation Curtains
✓ Triangle Partitions & Custom Solutions
✓ Touchless Door Opener
✓ Clean Screen Curtains
✓ Privacy Screens
✓ Room Partitions
✓ Mobile Dock Lifts 
✓ Crisis Lifts

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1. Safety Shields

Safety Shields

Safety Shields: Take immediate preventative action to effectively protect employees and customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Our aluminum and acrylic Safety Shield can be customized to perfectly fit your space. It can be implemented quickly and inexpensively to create a hygienic barrier and facilitate safe interactions.
Separation Curtains: Implement a highly effective safety barrier in your location to mitigate the transmission of dangerous airborne contagions. This cost-effective vinyl separation curtain is suspended from the ceiling and is quickly customized to perfectly fit your space and keep your employee's health uncompromised.


2. Separation Curtains

Separation Curtains

3. Triage Partitions & Custom Solutions

Triangle Partitions & Custom Solutions

Triangle Partitions & Custom Solutions: The simplicity and flexibility of our cleanroom solutions allow the core elements to easily be repurposed for other applications. Our existing cleanroom walls could be repurposed to build isolated patient partitions in medical triage tents. 
The Magic Switch: This touchless door opener limits the spread of germs by opening and closing the door with the wave of a hand. Magic Switch

Touchless Door Opener Operator

Other products: 

5.1 Room Partitions

Room Partitions

4. Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens

6.1 Clean Screen Curtains

Clean Screen Curtains 

Mobile Dock Lifts for Emergency Events1
Mobile Dock Lifts

These units are designed to move products from standard‐height truck beds (45"‐58") down to ground level and vice‐versa.


Crisis Lift

Portable dock lift for mobile morgues.
Save on transporting time & labor costs.


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