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Dock lifts and lift tables are a cost-effective solution to help create a safe work environment while increasing your productivity and profitability. It will allow you to move products safely and easily in your facilities and on the loading dock areas.

We offer different types of dock lifts (indoor & outdoor) and lift tables that can hanldle both, different capacity loads (low and high performance), as well as the weather elements. These come in a variety of operating styles such as Hydraulic, Mechanical and Pneumatic and can be placed in a number of applications like cold storage, warehouses, manufacturing, logistics and sanitary facilities.

Our team of experts can install, repair and maintain all kinds of dock lift systems and table lifts.

Dock Lifts in New Jersey Dock Lifts
We offer the ultimate solution in strength, convenience and reliability with full hydraulic powered functions controlled by a push of a button.


Dock Lifts in New Jersey | Central Jersey Scissor Lifts
Operators can quickly and easily lift and tilt heavy materials and/or containers at the push of a button, reducing bending and lifting.


Double Scissor Lift in New Jersey | Central Jersey Double Scissor Lift
Operators can quickly and easily lift and tilt heavy materials and/or containers at the push of a button, reducing bending and lifting.


Truck Dock Lifts Truck Dock Lifts
These lift all types of trailers to proper dock height for optimum service


Lift Tables in Central Jersey Lift Tables
We offer lift tables, rotating lifts, industrial platform lifts, positioning tables, multistage scissor lift solutions, and tilters in numerous configurations.


Portable Lifts in Central Jersey Portable/Mobile Lift Tables
Moble lift tables are ideal for transporting loads to and from work cells, where they can be used as work platforms or raised and lowered to facilitate load transfer to tables or benches.


Mobile Dock Lift Mobile Dock Lifts
Unlike forklifts, operators do not need to be certified or trained to use this Mobile Dock Lift. It simply needs to be set in place and secured with the integral stabilization jacks.


Custom High Lifts & Scissor Lifts

Custom High Lifts & Scissor Lifts
Custom high lifts and scissor lifts for extended lift heights for product transfer and work platforms, designed to assure stability and rigidity.

Don't know where to start? We are here for you. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you make the best decision for you.



Our experts can diagnose and and repair your dock lifts, table lifts and any other loading dock equipment that you have. We also offer dock lift parts like switches, rollers, chains, hydraulic pumps, hoses, ramp plates and bridge plates to give you a complete lasting repair. 

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CJ - Button Dock Levelers

Dock Levelers
Hydraulic, Mechanical & Air Powered

CJ - Button Dock Seal

Dock Seals &
Dock Shelters

CJ - Button Dock Lifts

Dock Lifts
Lift Tables, Mobile Lifts, etc.

CJ - Button Bumpers

Laminated, Molded and Steel Faced
Dock Bumpers

CJ - Button Vehicle Restraints

Manual or Automatic
Non-Impact Vehicle Restraints

Loading Dock Lights and Fans

Loading Dock Lights, Fans
and Traffic Lights

CJ - Button Track Guards

Track Guards, Bollards,
& Post Protectors

CJ - Button Dock Safety Barriers -

Loading Dock Safety Barriers &
Bar Lift Barriers

Loading Dock Canopy in New Jersey
Man Door Canopies &
Loading Dock Canopies (Awnings) 

Concrete Ramps in New Jersey

Portable/Mobile Yard Ramps
& Concrete Ground-to-Dock Ramps

CJ - Dockboard or Dock Plate in New Jersey

Steel and Aluminum
Dockboards & Dock Plates


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