Dock Truck Guards, Bollards, and Post Protectors
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Keep your door and productivity on track by avoiding expensive door repairs. A damaged overhead door and/or door track can mean lost time, money, and productivity as well as a security breach when the door is unable to close.

In Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey we offer Dock Track Guards, Bollards, and Post Protectors to prevent impact damage offering permanent protection to your staff and your industrial doors such as high-speed metal doors, high-speed fabric doors and/or sectional doors

Dock Track Guards in Central Jersey

Dock Track Guards
✓ Designed to protect door tracks.
✓ The track guard goes around a door track without interfering with the door’s operation.
✓ Standard safety yellow.


Bollards in Central Jersey Bollards
✓ Versatile barrier, easily installed indoors or outdoors to protect virtually any structure.
✓ Standard safety yellow.


Post Protector in Central Jersey

Post Protector
✓ Protects pallet rack uprights against costly impacts
✓ Standard safety yellow.


Spout Protectors in Central Jersey  Down Spout Protectors
✓ Designed to Protect Gutter/Down Spouts
✓ Against Truck Impacts.
✓ Available in Custom Sizes.
✓ Standard safety yellow.

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CJ - Button Track Guards

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