Dockboards & Dock Plates (Bridge Plates)
Loading Dock Equipment

In Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey we offer metal and aluminum dockboards and dock plates (also known as bridge plates) to provide a safe transition between vehicles and loading docks while loading or unloading your products.

- Dockboards (with crubs) - Are used for any ride-on equipment such as forklifts.  
- Dock plates (no crubs) - Are used for pallet trucks, hand trucks, etc.  


Aluminum Dockboard in New Jersey

Aluminum Dockboards
Medium-duty applications.
Aluminum Dockboards are perfect for applications exposed to weather as it will not rust or corrode due to rain or snow.
Light-weight. Easy to handle.
Capacity: up to 15,000lbs.


Economy Steel Dockboard in New Jersey Economy Steel Dockboards
Medium-duty to heavy-duty applications.
Economy Steel dockboards are available in capacities of 10,000lbs. and 15,000lbs.
Special size boards are available upon request.


Steel Dockboard in New Jersey

Steel Dockboards
Heavy-duty applications.
Easy moving when they are not in use.
Available in capacities from 15,000lbs. to 60,000lbs.
Special size boards are available upon request.
Heavy Duty Dockboard with lifting loops, locking pins and pin pockets are available.


Rail Dockboard in New Jersey
Rail Dockboards

Heavy-duty applications.
Steel rail dock boards are designed for usage on all types of rail applications to move product in and out of rail cars.
Every steel rail board is built to match the specifications of your dock.
Steel rail boards are available in capacities up to 80,000 lbs.
Rectangular or flared boards are available in capacities up to 40,000 lbs.


Aluminum Dock Plate in New Jersey
Aluminum Dock Plates
Low-duty applications. Ideal for low-volume docks.
Economical solution to unloading trucks with hand trucks, manual pallet trucks and electric pallet trucks.
Anti-slip properties.
Easy moving.


Options for Bolt-On Curb Dock Boards Dock Board Roll Handles
This attachment allows one person to lift and position Dock Board without the use of a forklift.
Note: For use only with Bluff® Aluminum Dock Boards with Steel Curbs.

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