Ground-to-Dock Ramps & Portable/Mobile Yard Ramps
Loading Dock Equipment

In Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey we offer loading dock ramps such as ground-to-dock ramps (stationary) with or without handrails and portable yard ramps to help your staff load and unload your products in an easier/safer way. To determine which loading dock ramp is right for you all depends on your loading/docking area and how you plan to use it.


Portable/Mobile Yard Ramps for Loading/Unloading

Portable Yard Ramps
- Portable yard ramps allow loading/unloading flow smoothly, increasing efficiency and safety.
- The industrial tires allow easy movement of the yard ramp.
- Capacity: up to 60,000 lbs
- More economical
- More flexibility

Ideal For:
• Dock to grade applications
• Loading and unloading freight carriers
• Loading and unloading rail cars
• New construction sites
• Temporary shipping yards or mounted stationary positions

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Redi-Ramp NJ


Ground-to-Dock Ramps
(With or Without Handrails)
These ramps rise from the ground at a straight, gentle angle that ends at the loading dock.

Ground-to-Dock ramps are traditionally used in fixed dock situations for long-term, reliable loading, and unloading.

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