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Five Tips for Servicing your Garage Door

By Blog Master on 28 Feb 2014 In

Garage Door Off Track More Complex Garage Door Problems should be left to the Pros

When your garage door is not opening or closing properly or making odd noises or not running smoothly, then it’s best to have a professional garage door mechanic take a look at the problem. That’s because the pulleys, springs, cables and other moving parts can not only be hard to work with, they can also be dangerous as well. But you don’t have to sit idly by and wait for your garage door to break. You can prevent troubles with your garage door equipment by performing the following maintenance tasks once every two months.

We asked garage door professionals what tips they could offer homeowners. Jim Norman of Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey had these five tips to offer: “Look, Listen, Move it by Hand, Oil it, Call for Service”. Let’s explore these five tips and break them down one by one.


Every two months, it’s wise to take a look at your garage door hardware. It’s the moving parts that need the most attention. A good visual inspection with both the door closed (with you inside) and open can help you to see any areas that may need to be serviced. Take a look at how your door looks as it opens and closes as well. If it looks funny, then calling a garage door service mechanic is in your best interests.


As you open and close your garage door, it’s just as important to listen to it as it is to look at it. Sounds that are abnormal such as squeaks, squeals, scratching or rubbing can be signs that something is misaligned with the door, track, pulleys or other moving part. Call a garage service pro immediately before more damage is done when the door opens and closes.

Move it by Hand

One of the easiest ways to test to see if your garage door is misaligned is to move it by hand. You’ll have to pull the cord/lever that disconnects the motor driveshaft/chain from the door to do this and you will have to reconnect your door when the test is completed. Once it’s free, you should be able to open the garage door by hand. If it offers any resistance, then there is something wrong with the balance of the door. It should also stay open without any help. If it falls down or gets stuck, then it’s time to call in the professionals for a checkup.

Oil It


Oiling Garage Door Oiling Garage Door Parts Can be done by Home Owners

Homeowners often wonder what they can do to help keep their garage door mechanical equipment well maintained. Oiling and lubricating moving parts are the best way to preserve the life of your garage door. A few spritzes with a can of liquid spray lubricant can help to ensure that your garage door equipment stays in good shape throughout its life.




Call for Service

If you’ve done everything listed above on a regular basis, then you probably won’t make it to this step more than once every other year. But when something does go wrong with your garage door, you can bet that working on it yourself is a bad idea. Garage doors do have numerous parts that can come loose quickly, dangerously and with great force—potentially causing life threatening injuries or death. If you suspect a problem with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call a pro for a safety assessment and repair.


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