The story of Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey (ODCCJ) is also a story of American family values. The Norman family started the garage door business in 1972, as a supplement to a family business that had begun 15 years earlier. Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey (ODCCJ) rapidly overtook the parent company. In short order, the decision was made to concentrate solely on garage doors and openers.

Overhead Door Corporation History

The Norman brothers, Jim and Tom, set out to provide the community with the highest quality residential and commercial garage doors. In fact, even today, it's not uncommon for ODCCJ to service residential and commercial garage doors installed during the early days of the company, such as the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each door.

As the country's tastes evolved, so did ODCCJ's extensive offering. In addition to traditional and carriage house garage doors, the company also offers residential customers a wide variety of contemporary doors and custom door solutions. Commercial door users will be impressed by ODCCJ's efficient and reliable commercial offerings. These include sectional, coiling, and high-performance doors as well as all the accessories needed to operate and maintain these entrance ways.

In April 2016, Makers Door Group, a family-business organization, purchased the company from the Norman brothers.  Today the company provides employment to over twenty-five knowledgeable team members who are proud to provide the finest garage door products, coupled with dedicated service to their customers.


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