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What is an Edge Of Dock Leveler?

If you are or have been in the warehouse business for a while, you may already know the importance of loading dock levelers to keep it running in a...

Taking Care of Your Garage Door: Tips and Tricks

Being a direct gateway to numerous homes, garage doors hold significant importance. Our mission extends beyond delivering functional garage doors; we...

How to Place a Garage Door Service Call in New Jersey

By Blog Master On 11 Jul 2023 In

The overhead door in your garage has stopped working and you need to place a service call. Sounds simple enough – call any garage door company that...

Garage Door Illusions | By Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Master On 23 May 2023 In

You can have some serious fun with your garage doors – use them to create illusions that will cause visitors to do a double-take. You can choose...

May Is Garage Door Safety Month (2023)

By Blog Master On 10 May 2023 In

Did you know that there are plenty of potential dangers and accidents associated with garage doors if they’re not kept in proper working condition or...

Replace Your Garage Door & Opener with Our Spring Savings!

By Blog Master On 01 Apr 2023 In

-------------------- P R O M O    E N D E D --------------------

Transform the look of your home by replacing your garage door and your garage door...

We celebrated Our 50th Anniversary!

We're proud to share that on December 22, 2022, we celebrated our 50th anniversary with our team members and invited guests, including Mayor James...

Raised Panel vs Recessed Panel Garage Doors in 2023

By Blog Master On 13 Mar 2023 In

When selecting an Overhead Garage Door there are many considerations. Garage doors come in many styles and colors with an almost endless combination...

Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door Seal in 2023

By Blog Master On 02 Mar 2023 In

When it comes to protecting the interior, your garage door opening is the biggest factor. Your residential garage door should be fully equipped to...

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