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Garage Door Styles for Your Arts & Crafts Style Homes in NJ

By Blog Master On 09 May 2022 In

 Every detail matters when constructing a new home or renovating an existing residence. When it comes to selecting garage door styles for Craftsman...

Garage Door Weather Strip Installation and Replacement Options

By Blog Master On 02 May 2022 In

Most service requirements for garage door systems involve moving parts. This is not always the case though. Your garage door bottom and perimeter...

Fix Your Garage Door Problems from Cold Weather

By Blog Master On 02 Mar 2022 In

During wintertime, as temperatures go down, you or your family could be stuck in your garage, or get stuck outside if your maintenance garage door is...

Is It Time for Your Dock Leveler (Dock Plate) to Be Serviced?

By Loading Dock Expert On 18 Feb 2022 In

It's important to operate a warehouse/manufacturing plant properly so it keeps running in a smooth way. There are some things that you should ask...

How to Open a Garage Door That's Frozen Closed

By Blog Master On 19 Jan 2022 In

Do you live in a part of the country where winters test the endurance of garage doors? On particularly cold days, you may even experience a garage...

This is the Season for an Attitude of Gratitude

By Blog Master On 20 Dec 2021 In

The entire year-end holiday season always seems to carry on the feelings of profound gratitude and sincere thanksgiving. We wish that all these last...

Prepare Your Loading Dock for Winter with a Dock Seal

By Blog Master On 12 Nov 2021 In

Winter is coming. Your loading dock is a bustling place--orders coming in, shipments going out, with all the activity, cold air keeps coming into...

Should I Buy an Insulated Garage Door for My Home?

By Blog Master On 02 Nov 2021 In

The truth is, not every home needs an insulated garage door. If you live in an area where the weather changes drastically, an insulated garage door...

Hydraylic Edge-of-Dock Levelers (EOD) in Central Jersey Area

By Loading Dock Expert On 31 Oct 2021 In

Did you know Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey does more than just overhead garage doors? We also sell, install and service all types of loading...

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