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5 Unique Garage Door Designs For Your Home

By Blog Admin On 23 Feb 2021 In

If you’re looking for unique garage door design for your new garage door, then look no further. Each one has a clever and crafty design feature...

Advantages of Screw, Chain and Belt Drive Garage Openers

By Blog Admin On 11 Feb 2021 In

Automatic garage door openers make it a cinch to open and close heavy garage doors effortlessly. Three types of drives are available, each with...

Control Your Garage Door With Your Cell Phone or Tablet

By Blog Admin On 19 Jan 2021 In

Smart phones have become a big part of many people’s lives and it’s easy to see why. These amazing devices can be used for all sorts of...


By Blog Master On 29 Dec 2020 In

When it comes to protecting the interior, your garage door opening is the biggest factor. Your residential garage door should be fully equipped to...

Best High-Speed Hurricane-Strength Roll-Up Doors | NJ & NYC Metro Area

By Blog Writer On 30 Nov 2020 In

Style is normally pushed aside when looking for efficiency and durability when talking about high-speed hurricane-strength roll-up doors, as look...

Loading Dock Glossary of Terms | Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Writer On 27 Oct 2020 In

When you want to go to a new place where you have never been before you have to become familiar with the terms which are commonly used. It is the...

Overhead Doors and Specialty Doors for Food Applications in CJ

By Blog Admin On 15 Oct 2020 In

We offer overhead doors and specialty doors for food and beverage applications.

Do you own or manage a facility that manufactures or distributes...

Aluminum vs. Steel Garage Doors | By OHD Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Admin On 06 Oct 2020 In

Residential garage doors can be and are constructed of many different materials. There is often confusion regarding the type of material a...

Sealing Systems For Loading Docks: Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

By Blog Writer On 25 Sep 2020 In

Sealing Systems: Dock Seals and Dock Shelters

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