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History of Garage Door Keypads

By Blog Master On 19 Jul 2017 In Garage Door Keypads

Has it always been so easy and convenient to open your garage door? Well, not really. When Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey began selling,...

My Garage Door Cables Broke! Why? And Now What?

By Blog Master On 16 Jul 2017 In Garage Door Cables

My garage door cables broke! If it has ever happened to you, this will sound familiar. If it has not now you will know the symptoms and concerns...

My Garage Door Rollers Are Problematic!  What Happened?

My Garage Door Rollers Are Problematic! What happened?

Garage door rollers allows your garage door to effortlessly move up and down in a track....

Why is My Garage Door So Shaky?


Reasons why my Garage Door is Shaking

Help! My garage door is shaking. What might cause a garage door to shake,...

June is Garage Door Safety Month

June is the best month to increase safety awareness on your garage door. June has been declared as Garage Door Safety Month by International Door...

5 Reasons Why My Garage Door Springs Broke

Why did my garage door spring break?

The spring on your garage door is something you probably never think about – right up until the day it...

6 Worthy Reasons for Dock Seals

Properly fitted dock seals are essential to building and staff efficiency:

Garage Door Track for Your Home


 Understanding the working elements of a complex system can only lead to a better overview of a product when it comes times to...

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