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Issues with Locking Garage Doors

By Blog Master On 29 Jul 2015 In

If you have a manually operated garage door, you probably have a keyed lock to secure the door when closed. This is a good security feature and...

Eco-Friendly Garage Doors | Central Jersey Area

By Blog Master On 16 Jul 2015 In

Garage doors of any color can be green if they are made from recycled or renewable materials. Eco-friendly garage doors are becoming increasingly...

My Garage Door's Remote Control Is Not Working, Now What?

By Blog Master On 28 Jun 2015 In

When a garage door's remote control suddenly stops working, chances are good that you just need to replace the remote's batteries. However,...

Why Kids and Garage Doors Don't Mix

By Blog Master On 15 Jun 2015 In
A Toy Blocking The Beam Should Stop The Garage Door From Closing

Why You Should Not Operate a Damaged Overhead Door

By Blog Master On 29 May 2015 In

As we have pointed out in the past, garage doors are big, heavy moving objects that can hurt, pin and even kill pets and people. We've also...

Garage Door Paint Coat Options

By Blog Master On 15 May 2015 In

Always look for a high-quality polyester paint or powder-coat finish for aluminum and steel doors. Powder coating can protect metal hardware,...

Torsion Springs for Garage Doors

By Blog Master On 30 Apr 2015 In

Garage doors are heavy. Without springs to help lift them, you or your garage door opener would have to expend significantly more energy to open...

Don’t Be the Indiana Jones of Garage Doors

By Blog Master On 16 Apr 2015 In
Don't Be The Indiana Jones Of Garage Doors

Innovations in Commercial Door Technology

By Blog Master On 29 Mar 2015 In

Commercial door technology marches on. New solutions and better systems provide innovative ways for companies and other institutions to enhance...

Stylish Commercial Doors | By Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Master On 14 Mar 2015 In
Sharp-Looking Model 526 Commercial Doors
Photo Gallery for Installations by Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey