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Stylish Commercial Doors | By Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

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Sharp-Looking Model 526 Commercial Doors

Preventive Maintenance for Your Garage Door | Central Jersey

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High-quality garage doors can provide decades of reliable service if they are maintained properly. The average garage door cycles up and down more...

Overhead Garage Door Emergency Battery Back-up Unit

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Battery Backup Unit for Garage Doors

Buying My Garage Door From a Local Business

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You’ve decided; it’s time to get new garage doors for your home. Simple, right?

Beautiful Garage Doors in Central Jersey

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As in most industries, garage door design is forever evolving, reflecting and sometimes leading the current trends for appearance, function and...

Why Does my Garage Door Open so Slowly?

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Slow Garage Doors Require a Call to a Garage Door Professional

What’s wrong with my Garage Door Opener?

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Modern Garage Door Openers such as the Belt Drive-Legacy 850 from Overhead Door Company are Highly Reliable

Commercial vs Residential Garage Doors

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Thermacore Commercial Doors will keep your Operation Warm Even During Harsh Winters!

Tips for Remodeling your Garage

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Plan & Get Permission before Starting
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