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Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey offers high-speed metal doors that are fast, aesthetically pleasing, and require minimal interruption for maintenance. Their opening speeds go up to 80” per second. 

Some of our doors come with a patent-pending integrated curtain-monitoring device and monitored wireless reversing edge.

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High-Speed Steel Doors Models

These are some of the models that we have available:

High Speed Metal Doors - Model 999

High-Speed Door Model 999
RapidView® Model 999 is perfect for high-traffic applications requiring aesthetic appeal and visibility. 
Sleek and sophisticated RapidView® Model 999 is a full-view door featuring scratch-resistant polycarbonate panels with opening speeds up to 80” per second. It is capable of withstanding pressures up to +50/-50 psf. The simple install and low maintenance add to the attractiveness of the door and features completely hinged guides, fully assembled curtains, and pre-wired motor connection. → Brochure

High Speed Metal Doors - Model 998

High-Speed Door Model 999
RapidShield® Model 998 is a heavy-duty exterior door that features a solid aluminum curtain with opening speeds up to 80” per second. Engineered for high cycles and easy operation. It is capable of withstanding pressures up to +100/-100 psf.

This door is perfect for applications where security and privacy are a priority. ​ → Brochure


VIDEO:  Watch the RapidView® Model 999 in action. 

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Commercial Garage Door Repairs

Contact Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey for all your commercial door repair troubles— we'd be happy to discuss your requirements and pricing options.  

We service & replace all manufacturers, brands, and models of commercial and industrial garage doors and garage door operators.

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Preventive Maintenance Plans for Commercial & Industrial Garage Doors

You should have your commercial overhead door serviced at least once a year if no other issues arise. It is important to have an adequate commercial and industrial door maintenance plan as it will prolong the life of your garage door while it helps you avoid costly emergency repairs and replacements. 

Durability, reliability, and economy are our top priorities. Our top-quality materials and optional maintenance programs at low costs will contribute to extended door life while maintaining your productivity.

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