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Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey offers high-speed metal doors that are fast, aesthetically pleasing, and also require minimal interruption for maintenance. Their opening speeds go up to 80” per second. 

Some of our doors come with a patent-pending integrated curtain-monitoring device and monitored wireless reversing edge.

High Speed Metal Doors - Model 999

Model 999
RapidView® Model 999 is perfect for high traffic applications requiring aesthetic appeal and visibility. 
Sleek and sophisticated RapidView® Model 999 is a full view door featuring scratch-resistant polycarbonate panels with opening speeds up to 80” per second. It is capable of withstanding pressures up to +50/-50 psf. The simple install and low maintenance add to the attractiveness of the door and features completely hinged guides, fully assembled curtains and pre-wired motor connection. 

High Speed Metal Doors - Model 998

Model 999
RapidShield® Model 998 is a heavy-duty exterior door that features a solid aluminum curtain with opening speeds up to 80” per second. Engineered for high cycles and easy operation. It is capable of withstanding pressures up to +100/-100 psf.
This door is perfect for applications where security and privacy are a priority. ​


VIDEO:  Watch the RapidView® Model 999 in action. 

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