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Best Place to Buy a Garage Door Opener in New Jersey

By Blog Master On 29 Oct 2018 In

You need to replace an existing automatic garage door opener system or select a unit for a new installation. Where is the best place to buy a garage...

Commercial Doors for Colleges and Universities

By Blog Master On 20 Sep 2018 In

When you think of doors for a college or university the first thing that might come to mind could be a front entrance door or a dormitory entrance...

How to Check and Maintain Your Garage Door Photo Eyes or beams

By Blog Master On 10 Sep 2018 In

Garage door openers are standard in most homes today and are so often taken for granted…right up until something goes wrong! One of the most common...

Best Accessories for Commercial Garage Door Operators in 2023

By Blog Master On 27 Aug 2018 In

When selecting an automated solution for operating commercial and industrial garage doors, either sectional doors or coiling doors, there are many...

Fire Door Inspections & Drop Tests - Why Are They Important?

By Blog Master On 02 Aug 2018 In

Annual fire door inspections and testing are a must if your facility requires fire-rated door systems. Fire-rated doors can be rolling or...

Hurricane-Resistant Residential Garage Doors | NJ

By Blog Master On 01 Aug 2018 In

Since the largest opening in your home is the garage opening, it’s understandable why a garage door plays such an important role in protecting your...

I Pulled My Garage Door Release Cord. How Do I Reattach It?

By Blog Master On 20 Jun 2018 In
The garage door release cord (also known as garage door pull rope) is a very important safety and security feature. There are several reasons...

Which is Better - Sectional Garage Door or a Rolling Steel Door?

By Blog Master On 17 Jun 2018 In

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, we are often asked ‘which is better – a sectional garage door or a rolling steel coiling garage door? The...

Commercial Doors for Auto Dealerships

By Blog Master On 12 Jun 2018 In

Just like automobiles have evolved over the years, garage doors for automobile dealerships have evolved. Like automobiles, this evolution includes a...

Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Opener | Central Jersey

By Blog Master On 23 Apr 2018 In

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, we can repair or replace your garage door opener systemWe, like most professional garage door dealers,...

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