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How to Schedule and Prepare For Your Garage Door Service?

By Blog Master On 28 Mar 2018 In

Is your garage door shaking, noisy or simply not working properly? First you will have to schedule a garage door service call, then you will need to ...

Very Unique Decorative Hardware Options

By Blog Master On 16 Feb 2018 In

You have selected the perfect carriage house door for your garage. You have selected the perfect siding choice for your garage. The perfect roofing...

How to Prepare for Your Garage Door & Opener Installation

By Blog Master On 04 Jan 2018 In

How can you prepare for your garage door and/or garage door opener installation to help ensure a smooth professional installation? There are several...

No More Radio Interference WITH *NEW* LED LIGHT BULBS

By Blog Master On 28 Nov 2017 In

Is it a good idea to use an LED light bulb in your garage door opener? The answer is maybe. LED light bulbs are a great innovation – energy-saving,...

Residential Automatic Garage Door Openers – a Brief History

By Blog Master On 07 Nov 2017 In

History of the Garage Door Operator

Residential automatic garage door openers – how long have they been made? How have they changed? The idea of an...

My Garage Door Pulley Broke! What Happened?!

By Blog Master On 01 Nov 2017 In

It’s a quarter till eight in the morning and you walk into the garage, push the button to raise the door, hear an awful noise and the door stops...

Ways to Prepare Your Garage Door for a New Tenant

By Blog Master On 26 Oct 2017 In

Landlord Advice:  6 Ways to Prepare Your Garage Door & Garage Door Opener for a New Tenant

If you have a rental property that includes a garage door...

Garage Door Accidents & Why They Happen

By Blog Master On 08 Oct 2017 In

Garage Door Accidents & Why They Happen

Have you or has someone you know had an accident involving a garage door? We hope not but unfortunately...

Pluses & Minuses of Quiet Nylon Rollers for Your Home Garage Door

By Blog Master On 22 Sep 2017 In

Garage door rollers. They’re all alike, right? Not really. There are rollers with steel tires, rollers with nylon tires, rollers with roller bearings...

Garage Door Opener Buyer's Guide

By Blog Master On 09 Aug 2017 In

Would you like to upgrade your garage door opener system? There are so many models and features. How do you select the best garage door opener system...

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