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7 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Fire-Rated Rollup Door

By Blog Master On 18 Mar 2017 In

Here are seven questions to ask when considering a coiling fire-rated door, but first, a little background is in order.

Prepare Your Loading Dock for Winter with a Dock Seal - Part 1

By Blog Master On 19 Oct 2016 In

Using Dock Seals To Lower Cold Air Drafts Into Your Warehouse

Winter is coming. Your loading dock is a bustling place--orders coming in, shipments...

Beautiful Alternatives to Wood

By Blog Master On 18 Aug 2016 In

At Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, we offer stunning wood garage doors. But we also offer vinyl and polyurethane composites garage doors...

Decorative Hardware Makes Your Garage Door Pop

By Blog Master On 11 Aug 2016 In

We at the Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey offer many types of decorative hardware. The use of decorative hardware can be the difference...

Our Commercial Garage Door Offerings

By Blog Master On 03 Aug 2016 In

We, at the Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, not only offer residential garage doors but also service and install all kinds of commercial...

Garage Door Illusions | By Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Master On 30 Jun 2016 In

You can have some serious fun with your garage doors – use them to create illusions that will cause visitors to do a double-take. You can choose...

How to Buy a Garage Door? | By Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Master On 24 Jun 2016 In

Your choice of a garage door must account for functional and aesthetic concerns. You need a well-made door and opener that delivers durable...

Learn About the Different Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

By Blog Master On 04 Jun 2016 In

Your business may have to spend large amounts on plants, factories, showrooms, warehouses, and so forth. The costs of commercial garage doors are...

Tune Up Your Garage Door for the Summer

By Blog Master On 17 May 2016 In

Summertime means warm weather, a perfect time to tune up your garage door after the harsh winter conditions have abated. Maintaining your garage...

How to Manage Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

By Blog Master On 14 Mar 2016 In
What Do You Do When The Power Is Out And Your Spouse Is Waiting Outside, Unable To Open The Garage Door Do To A Power Outage?
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