Garage Door Controls

Garage Door Controls for homes come in three varieties: Wall mounted control units, Radio remote controls and Keyless entries mounted outside on the door jamb.

Garage Door Controller

The simplest item in the list is the wall mounted switch in your garage. At least it used to be simple. In recent times, with all the electronics involved, a simple, old-fashioned doorbell button won't work on most units. Today's Garage Door Opener wall controls do more than just open the door. Yes, they do that too, but they also allow control of the light without opening the door and they allow a Vacation Mode that shuts off all the other controls, once the door is shut. Some units will turn on the lights when they sense movement in the garage and tell the time and temperature as well!

Garage Door Controller

When you need to replace a Wall Control, you must be sure to get the right unit, otherwise it may not work, and may even damage your operator. And it generally is not a returnable item, since installing the wrong control can burn out the control itself.

The second control is as common as the first, the Garage Door Remote Control, commonly called ‘Clickers’, ‘Genies’, ‘Radios’, ‘Transmitters’ or ‘Remotes’. When they don't work, a lot of other unprintable names are associated with these little handheld devices.

Today's garage door openers are designed with safety in mind, and if for some reason your unit's safety devices are not working, the remote controls are also required to not work. Why? Because, you could be closing your door, sight unseen, onto an obstruction or a person or pet! Garage Door Remote Controls are brand and model specific items. Just as you can't start a Ford with a Chevy key, you must have the right unit for your door to ‘See it’ and work. Today's remotes have hundreds of millions or even more unique codes built in and will require that your garage door be programmed to accept the new remote. Don't worry if this seems complicated; it is what we do every day. We stock remotes for nearly every unit commonly available and we also have remotes for many older units. There really is no such thing as a Universal Remote.

Garage Door Controls

The third common control is the ‘Keypad’ or Digital Access Control (DAC). These are the number pads you probably have that are mounted to the outside door jamb of your garage. You punch in your code, 1-2-3-4 and touch enter and the garage door opens up, usually. Many of these units are battery powered. This makes them much more secure since nobody can short out the wire and open your door. This in fact is why we no longer sell key switches! Your DAC, just like the Wall Control and Remote Control also has to match your door. They work very much like the Remote Control unit. There are a couple of wired units that are almost universal, but they usually require an interface to make them work with your newer opener. We carry these units so that people that have older Garage Door openers, that are not ready to be replaced, can have access to the convenience of a DAC.


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