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Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door Seal

By Blog Master On 29 Dec 2020 In

When it comes to protecting the interior, your garage door opening is the biggest factor. Your residential garage door should be fully equipped to...

How to Repair a Garage Door From Cold Weather

By Blog Master On 24 Dec 2020 In

Without proper garage door maintenance, you or your family could be stuck in your garage, or even worse, stuck outside as temperatures plummet during...

Steps to Inspect Your Commercial Overhead Door and Opener System

By Blog Master On 30 Nov 2020 In

Does your commercial or industrial facility has automated garage door systems? Chances are very good the answer is yes. While modern commercial...

Carriage House Garage Doors That Will Take Your Breath Away

By Blog Master On 12 Nov 2020 In

Many homeowners feel that absolutely nothing surpasses the elegance of genuine wood garage doors to maximize the resale value and curb appeal of a...

Should I Paint my Garage Door?

By Blog Master On 03 Nov 2020 In

Should I paint my garage door? It’s an age-old question that doesn’t really have a good answer. According to Jim Norman of Overhead Door Company of...

Overhead Doors and Specialty Doors for Food Applications in CJ

By Blog Master On 15 Oct 2020 In

We offer overhead doors and specialty doors for food and beverage applications.

Do you own or manage a facility that manufactures or distributes food...

Aluminum vs. Steel Garage Doors | By OHD Co. of Central Jersey

By Blog Master On 06 Oct 2020 In

Residential garage doors can be and are constructed of many different materials. There is often confusion regarding the type of material a particular...

What's the Best Material for a Garage Door?

By Blog Master On 30 Sep 2020 In

Choosing the right material for your garage door requires a mix of functional, cost, and aesthetic considerations. Happily, homeowners have a wide...

Sealing Systems For Loading Docks: Dock Seals & Dock Shelters

By Loading Dock Expert On 25 Sep 2020 In

Each little gap you see around a parked trailer at the loading dock is costing you money. Those gaps allow the heating and air conditioning to...

Garage Door & Garage Door Opener Vocabulary

By Blog Master On 17 Sep 2020 In

As with most mechanical items, there are many components associated with your garage door and garage door opener system. At Overhead Door Co. of...

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