Control Your Garage Door With Your Cell Phone or Tablet (in 2024)

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Smartphones have become a big part of many people’s lives and it’s easy to see why. These amazing devices can be used for all sorts of applications and the home improvement industry is using these electronic tools to create new and improved ways of controlling your home’s features, including monitoring and controlling your garage door with your cell phone and tablet.

Garage door technology certainly has improved greatly over the years and with the addition of a smartphone or tablet, it’s grown by leaps and bounds. “Homeowners are excited about this new technology,” said Jim Norman of Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, “the luxury and security of monitoring and operating your garage door from your smartphone, PC, or tablet anywhere in the world make it well worth the installation".

Main Benefits of Installing a Smart Garage Door Opener

- Convenience: One of the benefits of having your smartphone enabled to control your garage door is convenience. Being able to control your garage door opener with the same device that monitors your personal fitness activity and your childrens location, is incredible. Many smartphone-enabled garage door wireless openers have features that allow them to open and close using voice commands or texts, making it easy and simple to operate the garage door while driving, working, or even if you’re on vacation.

Wireless Garage Door Opener in New Jersey and NYC 4

But it’s not just about opening and closing the door with your phone. You’ll not only be able to operate the garage door from anywhere in the world, but you’ll also be able to monitor its activities. Alerts to your phone can be sent when the garage door opens or closes providing you with enhanced security features that other garage doors just can’t compete with. Best of all, many smartphone-enabled garage door openers can also work the lights or open/close the door on a timer, making this technology truly convenient for the growing community of people who possess a smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Garage Door Wireless Opener - OHD Anywhere in NJ

Overhead Door Company has launched its new smart device-enabled garage door controller, OHD Anywhere™. It allows homeowners to remotely monitor, and open/close the position of a garage door from their smartphone or tablet, providing both, convenience and peace of mind, to those who need to know the status of their garage door while away from home. In addition, OHD Anywhere™ is quite convenient for families who wish to monitor a vacation home.

- Security: Being able to securely monitor your garage door no matter where you are is another great benefit of smartphone-enabled garage doors. Radio frequency interference is decreased, code theft is virtually eliminated and data transmitted between the devices is encrypted, taking garage door security to an entirely new level.

Unlike a conventional garage door opener, when using a smartphone or tablet to activate your garage door, you’ll be able to monitor the doors activities from anywhere in the world, in real, without having to hardwire the house with costly security alarms and monitors. Since the majority of these systems are simply plug-and-play devices, you also won’t have to replace your entire garage door system to upgrade to a smartphone-enabled garage door opener.

Because they use encryption codes to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands, security is dramatically increased. Some manufacturers take it a step further by creating secure transmissions between the phone and the door that change the digital code each time the door is opened or closed, ensuring that codes can’t be stolen and used to open the door while you’re away. That also allows multiple users with multiple devices to operate the door; all the while ensuring the security of the door is completely maintained.

Wireless Garage Door Opener in New Jersey and NYC 3Finally, eliminating the traditional garage door opener from your vehicle, when running errands eliminates a substantial threat. Previously, if a thief gained entry to your vehicle, they could have taken the opener, recorded your vehicle VIN number, and possibly even tracked down your home address. Smartphone-controlled garage openers eliminate this threat.

With smart device control, garage doors have truly entered the 21st century.

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