Advantages of Replacing Your Old Garage Door

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You might be wondering whether to repair or replace your old garage door. It is a fact that replacing your garage door can be a significant investment upfront, but the benefits that come from it in terms of increased energy efficiency, improved security, and better curb appeal are undeniable.

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Some of the main functions of a garage door are security and functionality. Over time, it is not unusual to have some repairs or replacements needed. So if you observe that it only needs some minor repairs such as a broken spring, or a panel replacement, a whole garage door replacement might not be necessary yet.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door

If your current garage door is old or outdated, and your garage door expert has already assessed that there are too many major repairs to be done, replacing it will most likely be the best option for you. 

CJ - Residential Garage Doors in Central Jersey (1)Garage Door Replacement Done by Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey

Here are some additional benefits of replacing your old garage door:

✓ Increase Your Home Value
By replacing your garage door you will significantly increase the market value of your home. Installing a beautiful garage door will definitely cause an impression on any potential buyers. 

✓ Improve Your Home Appearance
A new garage door can significantly improve your home’s exterior. Modern garage doors can provide a fresh and contemporary look to your house and a new vibe to your neighbors. 

✓ Decrease Your Cooling and Heating Costs
By installing an insulated garage door you can significantly reduce your cooling and heating costs by regulating the temperature during the summer and the cold air during the winter, so it will pay for itself in savings.

✓ Reduce Maintenance Costs
By acquiring a new garage door system, the amount of maintenance needed will be significantly reduced. For example, most metal doors are extremely low maintenance, which means you will only be needing to use a little water and soap to clean them occasionally. So forget about the regular ritual of scraping off flaking paint and repainting your garage door.

✓ Safe Storage
Garages are often used as storage places for their belongings. However, if you don’t have an insulated garage door, your values can suffer damage from extreme weather conditions. So it becomes crucial to choose the proper insulation and a barrier that prevents moisture and air from getting inside to protect them. Another smart decision would be to add double-fin rubber weather stripping.

✓ Increased Utility
If you decide to install a well-insulated garage door, the space inside your garage will be a much more comfortable and enjoyable place to work or spend time in. As a result, you might decide to use it as a playroom for your children, a studio, or even a workshop.

✓ Home Security
Old garage doors are an easy target for burglars. Many modern garage doors use new sophisticated coding systems that make it almost impossible for them to open the door.

✓ Personal Safety
New garage doors can also help minimize the risk of personal injury because of their photoelectric motion detectors, so the door will automatically go into reverse and open in order to prevent any potential injury or damage. Some of them are even designed to turn on a light so that you have a better view in dark conditions.

✓ Insurance Benefits
We highly advise you to Inform your insurer that you have improved the safety and security of both your garage and your home by adding a new garage door because they might reduce your insurance payments. 

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Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Garage Door

These are some of the things to consider when purchasing a new garage door:

→  Size of the Door: Do you need a single or a double-car garage door?

Carriage House, Barn Style Garage Door in Branchburg NJSingle and Double Garage Doors

→  Material: Costs vary depending on the garage door material: wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass.

Steel and Composite Carriage House Garage Door, Barn Style in NJSteel Carriage House Garage Door

→  Door Style: Whether you choose a traditional garage door or a more elaborate design such as a carriage house or a modern garage door, which will also have an impact on the cost.

Clopay Modern Steel Collection garage door, grooved panel design with frosted glass windows down one side.Modern Garage Doors

→  Insulation: Insulated garage doors offer energy efficiency and noise reduction benefits at a higher price as well.

Insulated Garage Door in New JerseyInsulated Garage Door

→  Windows: Garage doors with windows will enhance your home’s appearance and will increase the natural light.

Carriage House Garage Door with Windows NJGarage Door with Windows

→ Decorative Hardware
Adding decorative hardware to your garage door is an easy way to dress it up and improve your curb appeal. Your door's style and color are key features and should be considered when deciding how to accessorize your door with hardware.

CJ - Home Page Banner Carriage House Garage Doors NJ-2Garage Doors with Decorative Hardware

Eventually, the decision of repairing or replacing your garage door will completely rest on your particular circumstances and budget. 

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