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The Difference Between Extension and Torsion Springs

Difference between Extension and Torsion Springs

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, we are often asked ‘what is the difference between an ...

My Garage Door Pulley Broke! What Happened?!

My Garage Door Pulley Broke! What Happened?!

It’s a quarter till eight in the morning and you walk into the garage, push the button to raise the...

5 Reasons Why My Garage Door Springs Broke

Why did my garage door spring break?

The spring on your garage door is something you probably never think about – right up until the day it...

4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Squeaking

Garage Doors can produce intense vibrations as it opens, resulting in a squeaking and disturbing sound. It may not trouble your family and other...

The Importance of Servicing your Garage Door

It’s a scenario that’s not an unlikely one. Imagine your power goes out and you have to pull the manual release to open your garage door. But...

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