High-Performance Doors

What is a High-Performance Door?

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, we define a high-performance door as a door that has features above and beyond the standard coiling, sectional or sliding door. Most common high-performance doors are defined as high-speed doors and this is valid, however, there are other types of high-performance doors.

High-Performance Industrial Doors

So with this in mind, what makes a door High-Performance? Speed certainly, and with the Rapid Slat and Rapid Grill from Overhead Door Corporation, Dynaco's full lines of fabric high-speed doors, Hormann-Flexon's high-speed coiling doors and Overhead Door Corporation's Jet-Slide doors we certainly have the high-speed feature covered. Some of these doors travel as fast as 72” per second!

But what else defines a High-Performance door? What about Insulation values? Overhead Door Corporation answers with the Thermacore Sectional and Coiling Insulated Doors such as AP850 Sectional and Stormtite AP627 Coiling Insulated doors. The AP850 provides an incredibly high R-value of 26! The AP627 Coiling door has an impressive R-value of 10.9. Both doors are at the very top of their classes in performance where maintaining temperature is critical.

High-Performance Parking Garage Door

What about the ability to absorb an impact? Overhead Door Corporation's answer to hitting your door is the Knock-N-Lock breakaway bottom section, for sectional doors. Dynaco has high-speed fabric doors that will zip back into their tracks without the use of tools.

Have a need for speed, but no room for a coiling door? AND you want excellent insulation as well? The Overhead Door Corporation Jet-Slide doors are the perfect answer for high usage parking garages, without springs and very low overhead clearance. Bi-parting doors can clear an opening extremely fast, preventing back-ups and also keeping the warm air in and the freezing cold out. This is very important in high-end, heated parking garages.

We have doors for clean rooms and explosion-proof areas. We have doors rated to withstand hurricane-force winds. We have doors tested to run hundreds of thousands of cycles.

Call us today to learn for yourself about some of the many great high-performance doors, services and installations we offer.

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