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Garage Door Track for Your Home

By John Bregartner on 02 May 2017 In Residential Garage Doors, 12'' Radius Track, Low Headroom Track, Garage Door Track, 32'' Radius Track, High-Lift Vertical Track, Full Vertical Track


 Understanding the working elements of a complex system can only lead to a better overview of a product when it comes times to repair or replace such items.

 Sectional garage doors and electric opener systems are seemingly simple items in their function, but by having a working knowledge of specific parts and operation can extend your door/opener lifetime.

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A Traditional Part to a Garage Door:  BRACKET TRACK

Traditional tracking for residential garage doors are hot dip 16 ga. galvanized steel.  Depending upon headroom availabililty, distance between the top of a closed garage door and the lowest point of the ceiling, different ‘radius’ track systems are available.  The more standard being a 12” radius track. 


When headroom availability is limited, less than 12”, low headroom track with provides a second horizontal piece of track is used. 


For side room entry door access to the garage in the area of the track placement, a larger 32” radius track could be utilized for pedestrian safety clearance.


 Specialty tracks are also available.  Follow the roof line track as well as hi-lift vertical track for allow the homeowner to stack multiple cars in one bay.


Custom powder coated colors are also available.

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