Showroom and Field Operation Changes

Safety is our first priority, and a shared value with our customers and vendors. Out of an abundance of caution, we have taken the following steps to address the COVID-19:


  • Our showroom will be closed to the general public starting Saturday 3/21/2020. Parts and Remote sales will be conducted via phone; we will waive the shipping cost for the parts and remotes.
  • Our phone lines will remain open, please call us as per usual.

Field Operations:

  • Employees who are feeling unwell will be told to stay home.
  • We will adopt a 'no touch, no hand shake policy' for the field operations

    • Customers are not to touch or handle any paperwork.
    • We will ask for verbal agreement from our customers and note it in our tickets.
    • Cash and Checks will be handled with gloves.
    • Employees will stay within the garage of the homeowner's property

Thank you!