Commercial Garage Doors with A Man Door in Central Jersey

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A commercial garage door with a man door (also known as a walk-through or pass-through door) is usually installed in applications where spaces are too limited for the installation of a conventional entry door.

CJ - Commercial Door with Pass-Through Door in New JerseySectional Door with Man Door Installed in New Jersey

Benefits of Installing a Commercial Garage Door with a Man Door:

Here are some of the many benefits provided by commercial garage doors with pass-through doors:

✓ During power outages or commercial garage door malfunctions, staff can easily enter or exit through the man door.
✓ It offers convenient access to your business without the need to open the entire garage door every time someone enters or exits.
✓ Installing a man door helps conserve heat in the winter, as it involves opening a smaller door for a shorter duration.
✓ Building access through a smaller opening reduces energy costs compared to using the entire commercial garage door.
✓ These doors effectively address pedestrian and privacy traffic issues.
✓ Security features can be applied to ensure the safety of individuals using the commercial garage door with a man door.
✓ The use of man doors minimizes wear and tear on the main door, saving electric operator cycles and reducing the frequency of use for garage door springs.

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Selling and Installing Sectional Doors, and Roll-Up Doors with Man Doors

At Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, we sell and install sectional doors with man doors, and roll-up doors with man doors (pass-through doors).

CJ - Commercial Door with Man Door Door in New Jersey - Rollup DoorRoll-Up Door with Man Door

CJ - Commercial Door with Pass-Through Door in New Jersey 1Sectional Door with Man Door

Sectional Door with Pass Through Door or Man DoorSectional Door with Man Door

Are you considering adding a sectional garage door or a rolling door with a man door (pass-through door)? Reach out to us for expert advice and assistance.

Call 908-722-5785 or email at With over 50 years of dedicated service in the Central Jersey area, we're here to make your decision and installation process seamless and efficient!

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