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Should I Buy an Insulated Garage Door for My Home?

By Blog Master on 13 Apr 2022 In

The truth is, not every home needs an insulated garage door. If you live in an area where the weather changes drastically, an insulated garage door prevents heat from escaping through your garage during the colder months, while it prevents excess hot air from getting into your garage, during the hotter summer days.

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Consider investing in an insulated garage door if:

✓ You live in an area where the weather changes drastically year-round and your garage door is attached to your home.
When you live in an area where the weather changes drastically, such as New Jersey, or New York City, and your attached garage shares at least one wall with the rest of your house, insulation is very important. A poorly insulated garage will allow hot/cold air from the outside, not only in your garage, but into your home, and most likely, it will be reflected in your electricity costs. One of the main benefits of installing an insulated garage door is that your garage will have a stable temperature (if the rest of the garage is insulated properly).

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✓ You use your garage as a workspace, gym, game room, or keep pets in there. If you do, an insulated garage door will help to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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✓ You plan to sell your home within the next 10 years.
It will be wise to invest in an insulated garage door if you plan to sell your house within the next 10 years as. Insulation maximizes garage usability, makes your exterior look more attractive in general, and in the meantime, it will help you reduce your energy costs.

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✓ You need to sound-proof your garage.
If you work with power tools, listen to loud music or play instruments in your garage, the door insulation will also facilitate noise control so that your neighbors will appreciate you having an insulated door.

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At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, we offer dozens of insulated and non-insulated garage door styles. Come and visit our showroom or request a free home visit. Our experts will be able to help you make the best decision for you.

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