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Stain-Grade vs Paint Grade Carriage House Garage Doors

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Carriage House Doors nowadays are being offered in multitude options of styles, sizes and colors by different door manufacturers all over the country.  In this post we will explain the difference between stain-grade or paint-grade carriage house wood garage doors so that you can decide which garage door finish is best for you. 

Difference Between Stain-Grade vs Paint Grade Carriage House Doors

Stain-Grade Wood Garage Doors

Stain-grade doors are wood garage doors that have a natural look.

Colonial Style Garage Doors - Carriage House Garage Doors Stain Grade
Signature® Carriage: Stain-Grade Wood Garage Doors

1. Appearance and Value for Money
- Stain-grade doors typically have a higher cost than paint-grade doors. These are suitable for owners who prefer effortlessly natural and beautiful-looking doors that will match or uplift the look of their home.
- Stain-grade doors provide the perfect solution to a discriminating homeowner who would prefer all-natural and authentic exterior surfaces on their home.

2. Maintenance and aftercare:
- Requires regular yearly maintenance.
- Cleaning stained-grade doors are crucial and requires the manufacturer’s guideline for aftercare.
- They can last for a long period of time if proper care is observed ( e.g. well protected from moisture), but are more likely to fail if not treated properly.
- Stain-grade doors can be painted or stained.
- The protective top-coat has a tendency to deteriorate, especially when frequently exposed to sun, wind and rain.
- It is advisable to renew the top sealing coat as needed based upon exposure to weather. - Never allow moisture to penetrate this barrier.

3. Finishing
- The process of staining wood varies depending on the construction method that is used by the manufacturer; some selections use plywood-based components for staining, while others utilize authentic stain-grade materials that are produced from solid woods.

- Stain-grade requires careful consideration in selecting a stain shade. Be sure to take the physical site of the door into consideration (a dark stained door that is directly exposed to heat and sun will lead to a more rapid breakdown of finish).
- Make sure to select a high-quality stain for the basic coat and comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Stain-grade doors require a minimum of 2 finish topcoats ( generally quality marine grade varnish or polyurethane. Be sure to consult your finishing professional to determine the best topcoat for your application).

Wood Garage Door Signature CollectionStain Grade Wood Garage Door: Signature Collection®
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Paint-Grade Wood Garage Doors

Paint-grade doors are wood garage doors that don't have a natural look/color.

Residential Garage Doors Signature® Carriage Wood Doors in NJ
Paint-Grade Wood Garage Door

1. Appearance and Value for Money

- Paint-grade doors are often more budget-friendly than similarly styled stain-grade doors.
- They provide distinct beauty to your home. Dependent upon other exterior surfaces and textures on your home a paint-grade garage door can offer the perfect architectural solution.

2. Maintenance and Aftercare 

- Paint-grade wood garage doors are easier to maintain compared to stain-grade doors.
- Aftercare and cleaning of paint-grade doors include the use of damp cloth to clean the exterior of paint-grade doors.
- Inspection at regular intervals is advised to make sure that the paint is still intact.
- Unlike stain-grade doors, paint-grade doors cannot be stained.

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3. Finishing

- A latex based-primer is usually applied to base panel boards as well as all edges. 
- Ideally speaking, these doors must be finish painted before installation to prevent moisture absorption. 
- Requires 2 coats (high-quality latex paint), that will cover the entire surface of the door before installation. Be sure to follow the instructions provided for your specific product selection.

Paint-Grade Wood Garage Door in NJPaint-Grade Wood Garage Door

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