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Traditional Garage Doors have been the most popular garage door style during the 20th and 21st centuries and of course, we offer a wide selection.

Interestingly enough, it's easier to define what they're not, rather than what they are. Traditional garage doors are the garage doors we all grew up with, the plain, basic garage door, usually 4 panels wide and 4 sections high, with maybe one row of windows. Occasionally these doors had a fancy, molded, raised panel, or if of the high-end variety, they had real raised wood panels.

Traditional garage doors look like… well they look like garage doors.

This is in contrast to carriage house style garage doors, which give the optical illusion that they'll open outward and from the center, but they usually open exactly as do traditional doors. Contemporary and specialty doors such as glass garage doors are also not considered traditional garage doors.

At Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, we offer Traditional steel garage doors & Traditional wood doors.

Traditional Steel Doors

Traditional Wood Doors by Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey0Traditional Steel Garage Door

Steel is a great material for a traditional garage door. Steel offers superb performance and durability, but at a very affordable price. Traditional garage doors made from steel are available with a variety of panels including classic raised panels or contemporary long panels. Steel garage doors have two coats of polyester paint baked on at the factory which provides a low-maintenance finish that will look great, year after year.

✓ Built in many standard sizes
✓ Many designs available
✓ We offer long panels, ribbed panels and wood grain finishes.
✓ Energy efficient.
✓ Attractive & durable
✓ Excellent value
✓ Low maintenance
✓ Is the most common door today
✓ Mimic the look of a raised panel door
✓ Available in a variety of styles & colors
✓ Insulated values up to R 19.4

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Traditional Wood Doors:

Amarr Residential Garage Doors - Central Jersey Dealer - Traditional Short Panel, in Medium Woodgrain.Traditional Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors occur at both ends of the garage door spectrum. The most basic garage door that very likely you grew up with was a wood frame, hardboard panel garage door or a flat panel flush door. While these doors are still available, they are not very common today. In recent times, when people look for a wood garage door, they are generally looking at a Raised Panel door. Most commonly, the raised panel doors will be made from redwood, mahogany or hemlock. Wood garage doors are also available in Carriage House Style Doors.

✓ Available in many styles
✓ Raised or flash panels
✓ Paint or stain grade
✓ High-end doors could have raised wood panels, sometimes with a carved design.

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