Why Does my Garage Door Squeak So Much?

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Walk into the garage, push the button on the wall console, and…squeak, screech, and scrape…the garage door goes up but it seems to protest with all these noises! Why does your garage door or garage door opener system squeak?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for squeaks, screeches, and scraping sounds. There could be many, some simple and some more serious. The first and most obvious but often overlooked reason is the lack of proper lubrication. Many homeowners tend to ignore their garage door system or take it for granted until it fails to operate. Regular maintenance can keep the door in top working order and keep it quiet as well. We recommend a general service/lubrication/safety check at least once every two years.

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Other reasons may include rusty roller tires, bad bearings in the rollers, bad bearings in the pulleys on the counterbalance assembly or an idler pulley on the opener system that is in need of lubrication or replacement. A door that is out of adjustment may rub against the tracking causing a scraping sound or a screech. These are just some of the reasons for unwanted noise from your door system.

A properly adjusted garage door and opener system in good condition should be relatively quiet. If you cringe from the ‘nails on the blackboard’ sound every time you operate your garage door it definitely needs attention. As garage door systems are under tension from a spring counterbalance it is recommended that any service be performed by a trained technician. Should you decide to inspect and lubricate your garage door equipment yourself be sure not to place your fingers or hands near any moving parts and be sure to select an appropriate garage door lubricant.Technician Installing a New Garage Door Opener in New Jersey. Staff

Most of all, don’t continue to put up with that door that wakes up your wife, husband or baby every time you push the button. Service to correct these noises is normally pretty quick and inexpensive and often prevents more serious service issues moving forward. Why not have that annoying noise looked at now?

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