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Electric Operators for your Commercial Roll Up Doors

By Blog Master on 21 Jul 2017 In

Commerical Overhead Garage Door Motors.

  1. Electric operators for commercial roll up doors offer smooth and consistent opening and closing of door. This extends the door’s longevity and reduce return maintenance costs.

    RSX Operator on an Overhead Door Fire Door.

  2. Over aggressive manual opening of a sectional overhead door may lead to top section and rollers coming out of the track at the top thus causing the cable to be thrown off the pulley and essentially shutting down the opening until it is repaired; an electric operator would eliminate this condition.

  3. Over aggressive manual closing of sectional door, or slamming the door shut will also lead to door damage and cable issues, an electric operator would eliminate this condition as well.

  4. Manually opening any overhead door can cause injury to staff as the lifting action, especially with a coiling steel door, can be awkward and lead to an injury, the electric operator would reduce this condition saving down time and injury expenses to staff.

  5. Opening of a coiling steel door with a chain hoist is very time consuming.  An electric operator would save staff time by allowing them to simply push a button to open and close (provided proper safety options are present to close) the door and proceed with their next task in a timely manner.
    Commerical Motor Push Button Station.

  6. New federal regulations and laws such as UL325 make personnel safety a priority, a variety of safety options exist with electric operators for commercial overhead doors such as safety photo-eyes and electric safety edges that protect both body and equipment by sensing obstructions in the door opening which communicates to the operator to stop the descent of the door and reverse it’s course back to full open without causing injury or damage to the obstruction.
    Liftmaster Photo Eyes New Jersey.

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  7. If customer opts not to invest in safety options such as photo-eyes or edges, the operator can still be closed in a safe manner with constant finger contact to close which requires a staff member to hold the close button down until door is secure.

  8. All commercial door electric operators can be controlled from remote location in different parts of a facility to ensure security or timely operation of the doors.
    Liftmaster Commerical Garage Door Operator Remote by Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey

  9. Some operators even allow control and monitoring of an opening from remote locations that great distances from the actual facility by using devices able to communicate with individual computers and notify staff when a door is in use or if it’s been left open psig a security risk.

  10. Electric operators can be modified to be used in wet environments such as wash bays or car washes as they feature special housing that protect the operator from moisture or corrosive environments and reduce the amount of time staff would need to be exposed to these conditions.

  11. Operators can even be mounted on the exterior of a building when room inside the facility is at a premium as special enclosures are offered to protect the operator from the elements.

  12. Explosion-proof operators are also available with specialized enclosures and electronics which permit automated operation of a door in a combustible environment where electricity would not normally be permitted thus reducing the amount of time staff would be exposed to these conditions.
    Explosion Proof Motors for Commerical Overhead Door Systems

  13. The initial added cost of an electric door operator will quickly pay for itself in a very short time by reducing door repairs and staff injuries.

RSX Drawbar Trolley Motor for Overhead Door System.jpg

Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey provides reliable electric door operators for your facility. We service and install top of the line electric operators for commercial overhead doors that meets your needs in terms of safety and durability.

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