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Solutions for Industrial Garage Doors during Inclement Weather

By Blog Admin on 14 May 2014 In Industrial Garage Doors, Commercial Garage Doors, Garage Doors

While a basic roll up style industrial door may be sufficient when the weather cooperates, during the cold of winter and the blistering heat of summer, a more sophisticated solution is often required for optimal industrial operations.  Even during the more temperate months of spring and autumn, wind, dust and rain also need to be kept out of your warehouse.


So what solutions are available for your industrial door during inclement weather? The answer depends upon your:


·         Budget- How much you are willing to spend? While the bottom line is what it is, savings in energy, productivity and time should be factored into the budget as well.


·         Door Size- The bigger the door, the more materials and labor it takes to keep out inclement weather. Door sizes can significantly raise the budget in any industrial garage door project.


·         Level of Importance- If you live in an area where cold and hot weather isn’t such an issue, then a simple, plastic strip door may suffice.  In more extreme climes, an air curtain or high speed door system may prove essential to operation.


·         Frequency of Access- In cases where an industrial garage door is constantly opening and closing due to the movement of forklifts or other industrial equipment, a high speed door might be more practical than an air curtain. The traffic level will largely determine the best option for your needs.


Strip Doors


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A strip door is plastic, PVC or vinyl strips that hang over the door opening. When inactive, they form a semi-transparent wall that helps to keep the temperatures fairly stable inside the building. When the door is in use, workers, materials and small equipment can easily pass through the opening. While strip doors are some of the most cost effective industrial/commercial garage door weatherproofing, they can wear out quickly with heavy use and offer a lower R-value than other industrial garage door weatherproofing systems.


High-Speed Doors


Large forklifts and other heavy industrial machinery often have trouble navigating through strip doors. High speed doors can offer a solution to this problem. A high speed door looks and works like a roll up door, but with its high speed opening and closing mechanism and motion proximity sensor, it can shut quickly to keep temperatures stable inside the structure. Often, high speed doors are made of light, plastic material and are supplemented by heavier, secure doors that are used at night and not during normal hours of business operation.  High speed doors have a higher cost than typical roll up doors but are well worth the cost when you factor in the energy savings and time saved.


Air Curtains


Industrial Garage Doors Industrial Garagage Doors

Air Curtains work best when coupled with a solid door.  Primarily they help to stop insect infiltration into your building when the primary door is open. Used alone, an air curtain consumes considerable energy while providing little in the way of energy efficiency and no security.


Air curtains work by using high speed air flow, perpendicular to the direction of products traversing through the opening.  The fluid flow creates a “curtain” of air, maintaining inside temperature and preventing dust, wind and precipitation from entering the premises.  By being coupled with the primary door, the air curtain only operates when the primary door is other than fully closed. This reduces the total energy consumption at the opening.


As depicted in this blog, industrial garage door solutions can be substantially more complicated than residential garage doors.


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