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how do i stop my garage door from squeaking

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Garage doors can produce intense vibrations as they do, resulting in a squeaking and disturbing sound. These vibrations can disturb not just your household but also your neighbors. If you are wondering how to quiet your noisy garage door and ensure peaceful nights explore the top 4 reasons behind your squeaky garage door and learn how to stop it.

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1. Faulty Hinges, Springs, and Rollers

A frequent cause of garage door noise stems from aged and faulty rollers and hinges, which produce a grinding sound as they deteriorate. Loose hardware exacerbates the issue, generating vibrations during operation. Regularly tightening bolts and screws is crucial. If mechanical issues persist, reach out to us for a professional inspection and repair appointment.

Faulty Hinges

2. Type of Garage Door Opener

Among garage door opener types (belt, screw, or chain drive), screw and chain drives are notably the loudest. While initially quiet, they tend to grow noisy over time. For tranquility, opt for a belt drive. Contact us for a quote on a belt drive opener for a quieter experience.

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Noisy Screw Drive Operator

3. Poor Lubrication and Worn Metal Rollers

Experts advise lubricating all moving components of garage doors at least twice a year to minimize vibrations during operation. In addition to inadequate lubrication, prolonged use can cause metal rollers to wear out and generate noise. Consider replacing them with nylon rollers to reduce sound levels.

Better Lubrication Needed

4. Improperly Balanced Garage Doors

An unsteady garage door can be loud and after a while might become feeble. Test its balance by manually operating it through the emergency cord; if it falls, it means it is unbalanced. Resolve this issue by contacting a professional to repair it.

Improperly Balanced Door

A noisy garage door can disrupt both your household's peace and your neighbors' serenity. By addressing the top four reasons behind the squeaks, including faulty hardware, the type of opener, lubrication issues, and improper balance, you can enjoy quieter nights and smoother operation. Remember, if troubleshooting becomes overwhelming or beyond your expertise, our team at Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey stands ready to provide expert repairs and replacements, ensuring your garage door operates silently and efficiently. Say goodbye to the squeaks and hello to peace of mind.

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