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Garage Hacks: Transform Your Space into an Energy-Efficient Haven

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Are your winter heating bills soaring or is the air conditioner constantly running in the summer? Nearly half of a typical U.S. home's energy usage goes to climate control. A poorly insulated garage, especially one connected to your home, can significantly contribute to high energy bills. Just as you enhance your living space's energy efficiency, improving your garage's efficiency is equally beneficial. Minimizing heat or cold loss through the garage not only reduces overall energy costs, but also creates a more suitable environment for storing sensitive items like vehicles, motor oil, and gardening tools. Here's a guide on optimizing your garage for energy efficiency by acquiring an insulated garage door and some other useful hacks.

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✔ Improve or Boost Insulation in Your Garage
Garage door insulation plays a crucial role in regulating temperature, ensuring a more pleasant indoor environment, and minimizing the energy required for heating or cooling. Heat can be transferred through three primary methods:
1. Conduction: This involves the movement of heat through materials. Placing a cold object on a warm surface results in the cold item absorbing heat and warming up.
2. Convection: This refers to heat movement through liquids or gasses. Warm, lighter air rises, while cold, denser air descends or sinks.
3. Radiation: Heat travels in a line, warming up objects it encounters along the way.

Insulation effectively reduces conduction and, to some extent, convection. Insulating your garage's walls or doors prevents heat from escaping into the external environment. If your garage shares a wall with your home, insulating this barrier prevents heat from migrating from your living space into the garage.

Insulation-thermal-image-garagedoorThermal Image of How an Insulated Garage Door Works

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✔ Insulate the Walls
Insulating the garage walls involves assessing the insulation requirements based on your location and the heating or cooling system used at home or in the garage. The R-value, indicating the appropriate insulation level for your climate and zone, plays a key role. 

For effective garage wall insulation, choose insulative wall sheathing with an R5 or R6 rating. Concentrate on insulating the wall that connects to your home and the external walls of the garage for optimal results.

✔ Insulate your Garage Door
Ensure energy efficiency by insulating your garage door. Add insulation or replace an older door with an insulated one to reduce heat flow, keeping warmth inside during winter and preventing hot air from entering in summer.

✔ Install a Radiant Barrier
Energy-efficient garage doors also enhance security by discouraging leaving doors wide open, which may invite theft, curious onlookers, or animals. Install a radiant barrier, typically used in home attics, to reduce heat gain and control cooling costs. Radiant barriers, with shiny, reflective material, prevent heat from traveling down into the space below.

✔ Upgrade Your Garage Door
Enhance your residential garage door by considering its style, age, and condition, as factors affecting energy efficiency. Damaged doors or older models may compromise the tightness of the seal, allowing air exchange. If your garage door has windows, check for small openings or cracks that may impact energy efficiency.

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✔ Maintain the Garage Floor
Consider replacing your garage door if energy bills have increased, and the door shows signs of wear or malfunction. Additionally, pay attention to maintaining the garage floor, often made of concrete. Exposure to chemicals from vehicles and poor initial installation can cause cracks and damage, contributing to energy loss.
Repair or replace your garage floor damaged by salt, using epoxy coating or rubber mats. Regular cleaning prevents future issues. If not for parking, insulate with carpet for warmth.

✔ Detect Leaks
Detect and seal air leaks around outlets, switches, walls, and ceiling edges. Use weatherstripping or caulking for effective insulation.

✔ Energy-efficient windows 
They are crucial. Install blackout shades for summer heat and open them in winter for sunlight. Upgrade to double-pane or storm windows for improved efficiency.

✔ Upgrade Garage Lights
Energy-efficient LEDs will help reduce electricity usage and provide longer-lasting illumination. Despite the initial cost, the long-term benefits make them a smart choice.

✔ Reduce Extra Appliances
Replacing an old refrigerator can cut home energy use. However, if the old fridge is kept in the garage, using both appliances can raise energy bills. Evaluate the necessity of older appliances in the garage and consider unplugging them to save energy and money. Stick to a single, energy-efficient appliance kept indoors for optimal savings.

✔ Maintain Garage Organization 
A cluttered garage attracts pests, which can damage insulation, walls, and doors, affecting energy efficiency. Remove unnecessary items to facilitate better airflow and prevent potential damage caused by pests. Organizing the garage can also uncover items for sale or lost possessions, offering additional benefits beyond energy efficiency.

✔ Adopt Energy-Smart Habits 
In addition to insulation and sealing, practice energy-conserving habits to enhance garage efficiency. Turn off lights when leaving the garage, keep both main and entry doors closed, and close windows, especially in winter. For non-air-conditioned garages, open windows in summer for ventilation. Encourage household members to adopt these habits, turning it into a game to enhance awareness and energy efficiency.

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