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How to Buy a Garage Door

By Blog Admin on 24 Jun 2016 In Choosing A Garage Door, Residential Garage Doors, Garage Doors

Your choice of a garage door must account for functional and aesthetic concerns. You need a well-made door and opener that deliver durable service year after year. You also want a door with the color and style to increase your home’s curb appeal. Here are some buying tips from Overhead Door, the best source for garage doors that tick all the boxes.


Insulated Garage Door Figure 1 Thermacore Insulated Garage Door Model 297

The first question you have to address is how you will be utilizing your garage space. Some folks use it as playroom for the children or as a storage room for items that won’t fit in the home. Others convert their garages into workshops or even small businesses. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the garage, make sure you get a door with good thermal and sound insulation. If you live in a mild climate, you can get by with an R-value of 3, but in harsher environments, you’ll want R-9 or more. A good choice is our Thermacore Insulated Garage Door Model 297, featuring an R-value of 9.31.


You may also need protection from storms and high wind loads, another reason to choose a Thermacore door, which features in-between section seals and a bulb-type bottom weather seal.

Size and Style

Traditional Wood Garage Door Figure 2 Traditional Wood Door Model 454

You’ll need to measure the desired width, height and thickness for the door, whether you are replacing one in an existing garage or are ordering doors for new construction. Use your intuition and imagination to pick out a door style that pleases you and compliments your property’s design. Each type of panel imparts its own amount of depth and distinction. You can go for a carriage house style, or perhaps you prefer panels that are flushed or raised, in long or short widths. Rail and stile designs are classics, as exemplified by Model 454 from our Traditional Wood Collection. This model features raised panel designs in a variety of wood species. You can fine tune the door’s design by selecting the perfect window options for your style preferences.


You should never settle for less than excellent quality construction, no matter what surface material you specify. Whether its steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass or vinyl, pick a door from a manufacturer with an unrivaled reputation for quality and value, such as Overhead Door. Wood doors offer beauty and charm, and they can be purchased with or without insulation. If your need for sturdiness and protection is paramount, you might like a steel door. Overhead Door offers both traditional steel doors as well as carriage house style (the Courtyard Collection) that mimics the look of painted wood. If you are looking to make an architectural statement, consider our aluminum/glass doors (Models 511 and 521). If your top concern is a door that is durable and maintenance free, check out the Impression Collection of fiberglass-skinned doors and the Durafirm Collection of doors with vinyl skins.


Don’t forget the important accessories that extend the design and functionality of your garage door. Overhead Door offers a selection of hinges, latches and knockers to customize the door’s look. We also have a variety of electric door openers, wireless keypads, wall consoles and remotes to provide you with effortless convenience and unrivaled security. Our openers feature the CodeDodger Rolling Code Access Security System that prevents would-be thieves from stealing your remote access code. We offer openers with screw-, chain- or belt-drive construction so that you can select the one with the features you desire. Whatever your garage door needs, contact your local Overhead Door distributor for help buying the right door for you.

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