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How to Manage Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

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If you own a home, it’s likely you possess one or more powered garage door openers. Although often taken for granted, garage door openers are a real convenience. But, they can be a pain in the neck if you experience a power outage. It’s really unpleasant to face a busy day with a garage door that won’t open, especially if your car is parked inside the garage. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to respond to a power outage that waylays your opener – most people are in the dark in these circumstances.

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But don’t fear, we are here to explain what to do when the power to the electric garage opener is cut off.

Instructions: How to Manage Your Garage Door without Electricity 

Follow these steps to enable the manual operation of your garage door:

  1. Locate the rope with a handle that is attached to the garage door track. You can identify the rope fairly easily as it is usually short and the handle usually is shaped like a red “T.”
  2. Grip the T-handle and pull it, releasing the garage door from the drive belt or chain. This will enable manual operation of the garage door because it is no longer attached to the opening mechanism.
  3. Check to see if the door has a manual lock that is engaged. If so, open the lock.
  4. The inside of the door should have some kind of handhold. Grab it and lift slowly. Should the door fail to open completely, put your hand on the door’s bottom edge and push the door the remainder of the way up.
  5. Make sure that the door stays open, it is not uncommon for a door to have lost a little spring tension over time. This is one reason that it is recommended that you operate your door manually a couple of times a year. You’ll know how if you need to and you’ll also be an early warning system if there is a problem with your door.Schedule a Home Service Call

Reconnecting Your Garage Door to the Opener:

To re-connect your garage door to the opener, follow these steps:

  1.  Ensure that the carriage unit, which is the part that lifts and drops the door, is near to where the motor is positioned at the center of the garage.
  2. Pull the rope and push the garage door all the way until it clicks into the open position. It is sometimes possible to reconnect your door by simply running the operator. To do this, close the door nearly all the way, then push the wall switch to run the operator, if it was in the closed position, it will likely pick up the door and open it. If it was in the open position, it will likely pick up the door and close it.

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What to Do If My Garage Door Opener Doesn't Have a Manual Lock?

There is a chance that the opener is not equipped with a manual lock to use when the garage door is disconnected from the opener. This means you won’t be able to lock your garage door after disengaging the door following a power outage. You can close the door, but it simply won’t lock. In this circumstance, you’ll want to consider whether you want to disconnect the door during a power outage because it will remain locked if you don’t disengage it. Better yet, have a lock added to your door if it doesn’t come with one, and do it before the next power outage. Just be sure to disengage the lock when the power returns, otherwise, you may destroy your garage door.

By the way, if you have an emergency generator or backup battery power supply, you may be able to avoid, or at least postpone, this delicate “disconnectomy.”

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