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Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey offers a series of light-duty commercial door solutions that provide security for retail stores, pharmacies, hospitals and other shops located in high pedestrian traffic areas.​​ Our rolling security shutter doors will offer flexibility in the aesthetic options to match the surrounding environment.

✔ Upscale aesthetics
✔ Attractive finished look
✔ Ideal for both, interior and exterior applications
✔ Perfect for installations with limited side room and headroom
✔ Customizable powder coat finishes

Rolling shutters (also known as rolldown shutters) are perfect for installations with limited side room and headroom.

Light-Duty Rolling Shutters

The ​Allura® Rolling Shutter Model 653 is light-duty door solution that has a space-saving design, making it perfect for installations with limited side room and headroom. 

This rolldown shutter is perfect for security in high pedestrian traffic areas. It offers flexibility in the aesthetic options to match the desired final look.

Rolling Security Shutters Model 653

Model Allura® 653
Rolling Security Shutters
Light duty door solutions ideal for high-pedestrian traffic areas.

Best suited for:

✔ Retail
✔ Pharmacies
✔ Hospitals
✔ Mall kiosks
✔ Sports facilities
✔ Concessions
✔ Airports
✔ Schools
✔ Communicy centers
✔ And more!

Rolling Cunter Shutter Model 653Rolling Counter Shutter

Multiple perforation and fenestration options allow for many configurations with the right amount of light and air passage:

Security Shutter Model 653  Slat Style

VIDEO:  Allura Shutter Model 653

Our storefront security shutters will protect your store from break-ins while keeping an aesthetically pleasant look.  

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​​The difference between a roller shutter and a roller door is the type of protection. The rolling shutter consists of many horizontal slats hinged together while the roller door is made of one single piece of curtain. Both types of overhead doors provides businesses with protection for their premises


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