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In Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey we offer a wide array of dock seals and dock shelters to make sure we can meet your needs.

Dock seals and dock shelters help protect your building structure, your merchandise and your trucks. These will help prevent costly building damages.  The difference between dock seals and dock shelters is that dock seals can provide an airtight seal, whereas a dock shelter is not quite as tight.

Dock Seals:

A dock seal provides a tight closure between the truck and your loading dock. Our dock seal products will help you seal your walls, protecting and controlling the environment at your loading dock. It will keep the rain, wind, bugs, dust and rodents out, while keeping the heating and cooling energy, in.  Some of the dock seals that we offer are:
- Dock seals with head curtains & dock seals foam with head curtains
- Dock seals with adjustable head pads

- Dock seals with adjustable curtains
- Inflatable dock seals
- RainGuard headers

Dock Shelters:

A dock shelter also provides a seal, just not as tight as the dock seal. It will still keep the rain, wind, bugs, dust and rodents out. Some of the dock shelters that we offer are:
- Dock shelters with flexible or rigid frames
- Soft sided dock shelters
- Inflatable rain shelters


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