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In Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, we offer molded, laminated, and steel face loading dock bumpers.  Dock Bumpers help protect the indoor and outdoor walls of any facility by absorbing up to 80%-90% of the impact backing trucks colliding with the loading docks, forklifts, and any other material handling vehicles.

Loading dock bumpers eliminate costly repairs from severe shock to loading docks. 

Edge of Dock with Molded Dock Bumpers NJEdge of Dock Leveler with Rubber Dock Bumpers

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Molded Rubber Dock Bumpers

Rubber dock bumpers are a great option for light-duty applications
✓ Maintenance-free. These will not warp, rust or harden.
✓ These offer vehicle impact protection for loading docks, as well as indoor wall protection from potential damage caused by forklifts or any other material handling vehicles.

* Select from a range of heights to suit your specific loading dock needs.

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Laminated Dock Bumpers

✓  Laminated dock bumpers are ideal for medium-duty and light-duty applications
✓  These bumpers will hold up to years.
✓  These absorb up to 80% of impact forces.
✓  Extra-length dock bumpers and extra-thick dock bumpers are available (upon request).

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Steel-Face-Bumper NJ

Steel Face Dock Bumpers

✓ Steel face dock bumpers are ideal for heavy-duty applications.
✓ Ideal for docks with air ride trailers or high capacity forklifts 
✓ Eliminates wear from up and down friction movement of trailers loading and unloading.
✓ Can be used in any material handling system area where heavy-duty protection is needed.

* Custom dock bumper sizes are available upon request. 

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