Safety Barriers for Loading Docks
Loading Dock Equipment

Installing safety barriers in your loading dock is an important investment that can help prevent accidents, injuries and damage to products or equipment. 

Barrier Systems help protect an open loading dock by providing full access for loading and unloading a trailer and still allow fresh air into the building even when no trucks are present. There are manual and automatic options available. 

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey we work with the best manufacturers in the country. 

Loading Dock Safety Barriers Available:

Loading Dock Safety Barrier - Barrier Lip in NJ

Barrier Lip (Safety Barriers)

✓ Protects an open loading dock.
✓ Helps prevent fork trucks, pallet jacks, pedestrians and non-motorized lift trucks from falling off the dock. 

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Bar Lift Barrier in New Jersey

Bar Lift Barrier

✓ Prevents lift trucks from driving over the dock edge.
✓ We have customized widths and gusseted models available to also protect the bottom panel of your overhead doors.

Bar Lift Barrier by Poweramp 1
Bar Lift Barriers Example

Not sure which safety barrier will work best for your business? We are here for you. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you make the best decision for you.

Our team of experts can install, repair and maintain all kinds of loading dock equipment.

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