Vehicle Restraints
Loading Dock Equipment

Many forklift accidents occur every year that are caused by a truck prematurely departing from the dock or creeping away due to loading and unloading momentum. 

By installing a Vehicle Restraint in your facility, you can prevent accidents by securing a trailer to the dock and providing better communication between the truck driver and dock attendant.

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Hydraulic Vehicle Restraints Hydraulic Vehicle Restraints
Non-impact, self-aligning, hydraulic restraint that is exterior mounted to the front of the loading dock..


Automatic Vehicle Restraints Automatic Vehicle Restraints
Non-impact vehicle restraint
Automatic vehicle restraint are designed to secure virtually all trucks at the loading dock by using a large rotating hook to engage a trailer’s rear impact guard (RIG).


Manual Vehicle Restraint Manual Vehicle Restraint
Non-impact vehicle restraint
Designed to secure a truck at the loading dock by engaging the rear impact guard with a large barrier.
Easy to install and simple to operate
Inside and outside communications signs

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