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Which Garage Door Style is Right for You?

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When choosing a garage door for your home, the task couldn’t be simpler, right? Wrong! With garage door styles having almost as many varieties as cars have themselves, the choices can be endless. Garage doors not only come in different sizes, use different materials and employ a wide variety of features, and the choices can seem overwhelming. Use this guide to choosing garage doors and see for yourself which garage door style is best for you and your home.

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One Vehicle and Two-Vehicle Garage Door Sizes

One of the best ways to eliminate the long list of garage door styles for your home is to narrow them down by their sizes. Obviously you want a matching replacement door, but if you’re looking to change the size of your existing garage or you’re building a new garage from scratch, then finding the proper size to suit your needs is in your best interests. The following list of typical garage door sizes can help you find the right door for your garage door replacement project:

Garage doors sizes for one vehicle:

- 8’ wide x 7’ high: This is the most common garage door size. This size can prove to be too short or narrow for today’s larger and taller cars. In fact, some of the latest SUVs have automatic back door height limiters which prevent the door from opening fully. 
- 8’ wide x 8’ high: This is a fairly common size door that addresses the height issue, but is still narrow and it creates a square look that isn’t as eye-catching as it could be.
- 9’ wide x 7’ high: This is the second most common size door.  It addresses the width issue however it can be short for some of the taller SUVs and Vans or cars with roof-mounted luggage carriers.
- 9’ wide x 8’ high: This size door is probably the most useful size for a residence. It addresses the width and height issues of the other doors and is available in nearly every possible style. 
- Odd Widths: In certain instances, a homeowner may want a door for the lawn equipment, a motorcycle or a golf cart. Many doors are available in widths less than 8’ wide. There is usually a special construction charge and not all sizes or styles can be accommodated.

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Courtyard Collection® 8Courtyard Collection®Carriage House Single-Car Garage Door with
Windows and Decorative Hardware

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Garage doors for two vehicles:

- 16’ wide x 7’ high- This is the most common ‘Two-Car’garage door size. This size can prove to be too short for today’s larger and taller cars.
- 16’ wide x 8’ high- This is a fairly common size door that addresses the height issue.
- Odd Widths- Many doors are available in widths that fall between the single-car doors and larger doors for two vehicles. Many door styles can be built 10’, 12’, and 14’ wide and also certain doors can be built exceeding 16’ in width. Larger doors will require heavier duty garage door openers and the car size needs to be taken into account prior to the construction of the actual door opening.

Courtyard Collection® - Carriage House DoorsGarage Door for Two Vehicles:
Carriage House Garage Door with Recessed Panels, Windows and Decorative Hardware

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Modern Garage Doors vs Traditional-Looking Garage Doors

What is your personal preference? What goes best with your home?

If you want to have a unique look for your contemporary-styled home, then you're looking to install one of our Modern Garage Doors. On the other hand, if your taste is more traditional, you may want to consider a Carriage House Garage Door, or a Traditional Style Garage Door

Aluminum 0
Modern/Contemporary Aluminum Glass Garage Door 

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Carriage House Garage Door with Windows and Decorative Hardware

Traditional Residential Garage Doors in NJTraditional Garage Doors with Windows

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Picking Your Garage Door Panels

One of the primary considerations might be to determine if a raised or recessed panel product is most appropriate for your garage door.

Raised Panel vs Recessed Panel Garage Doors ;Overhead Door o. of Central Jersey Blog; Raised Panel Garage Door; Recessed Panel Garage Door; Raised Panel Garage Door
Garage Doors with Recessed Panels
A recessed panel is generally a flat or flush panel surrounded by a framework. Picture your grandfather’s garage door.

Recessed Panels 2Carriage House Garage Door with Recessed Panels, Windows and Decorative Hardware

Garage Doors with Raised Panels
A raised panel is generally a thicker panel with a beveled edge or other details cut into the perimeter, also surrounded by a framework. This appearance may be stamped into the face of a steel product. In the case of wooden or composite custom doors, the appearance is created by milling the wood, adding an overlay or a combination of these. The raised panel often appears to be bulkier or ‘busier’ than the recessed variety. This is a result of the additional detail on the face of the panel.

Fiberglass & Vinyl Garage Doors with Raised Panels in New JerseyFiberglass Garage Doors with Raised Panels

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Choosing Your Garage Door Windows

One of the most important features of a garage door is its windows. Windows provide light as well as offer a unique one-of-a-kind look that can easily match the architectural features of your home. Here are some examples of the designs that are available at Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey:

Garage Door Window Style - Wynbrich Arch Single Garage Door Window Style - Stockbridge Single Garage Door Window Style - Stockbridge Arch Single
Garage Door Window Style - Somerton Single Garage Door Window Style - Clear Long Single Garage Door Window Style - Stockton Single
Window Styles for Garage Doors

Impression Collection FIberglass Garage Door Cherry-Window ArchImpression Collection® Fiberglass Garage Door with Windows and Decorative Hardware

From basic rectangles to palladium to arched, windows can be added (or removed) from the garage door to enhance its appearance and value. Windows can also be opaque (not see-through) or translucent (see-through) for additional privacy, without compromising on light and style.

window style glass options for garage doors

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Garage Door Material

Currently, steel garage doors are the most popular doors due to their strength, longevity and reasonable price. 

Other materials include aluminum, wood and vinyl. Most manufacturers offer polystyrene and polyurethane insulation on many of their doors. This insulation results in a quieter door as well as in lower fuel bills.

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The bottom line is that your choice of garage door is dictated by three factors: 
1) Size
2) Style
3) Functionality
4. Budget

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, our primary goal is to assist you in selecting the most appropriate garage door product for your project. We are always here to review available product choices and to discuss the pros and cons of each as they pertain to your project.

We have been selling, installing and servicing quality garage door and automatic garage door opener products in the Central Jersey market for 47 years – since 1972.

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