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At Overhead Door Company of Central Jersey, we offer safety and lighting solutions to enhance safety at any loading dock.

Powered Vehicle Restraints communicate with each other using a red/green light system. If there is a red light, the restraint is not ready to receive cargo. If there is a green light, the restraint is ready to receive cargo. Without powered vehicle restraints, facilities can install Dock Alerts or iDock Alerts to notify dock personnel of safe conditions and alert them to move cargo.

Table of Content: 
1. Dock Alert - Lights Communication Package for Loading Docks
2. iDock Alert - Enhanced version of Dock Alert
3. Edge Lights for Dock Doors

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1. Dock Alert: Lights Communication Package for Loading Docks:

Bottom - Loading Dock Light Communication System McGuire NJ Dock Safety Equipment 1 - copia

Lights Communication Package Interlocked light communication packages provide added safety at the loading dock. Automatic and manually operated models are available to suit application requirements.

The McGuire Dock Alert Light Communication System is an easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-effective lighting system that reduces the risk of accidents at the loading dock by establishing clear communication between the truck driver and the dock personnel.

The Dock Alert Light Communication System includes: 

Control Panel - McGuire Dock Alert Light Communication System NJ

Control Panel 
✓ Light Communication System control panel for automatic lights - manual light control panel.

Lights - McGuire Dock Alert Light Communication System NJ

Exterior Lights for Loading Docks
✓ Standard and LED lights are available.

Loading Dock Signs - McGuire Dock Alert Light Communication System NJ - copia

Caution Signs for Loading Docks
✓ A set of standard and mirrored image caution signs to notify the truck driver.

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2. iDock Alert Light Communication System

The iDock Alert Light Communication System is an enhanced version of McGuire’s simple Dock Alert and provides a reliable warning system that establishes a clear line of communication between truck drivers and dock personnel, thereby reducing the risk of accidents at the loading dock.

McGuire iDock Alert - Loading Dock Communication Systems NJ As a truck approaches the dock, exterior lights will flash green while interior lights are red. Once the truck is in position, the dock attendant will open the overhead door, secure the trailer with an optional restraint, and raise the leveler onto the trailer. This action will trigger one of the installed sensors to automatically change the exterior light to red, letting the driver know not to pull away, and the interior light to green, indicating that it’s safe to proceed with loading/unloading.

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3. Edge Lights for Loading Dock Doors

A light communication system is an important safety component to have at any loading dock. You can enhance your loading dock communication by adding the Edge Lights to the interior wall above the dock door.

Button - Edge Lights for Loading Docks - McGuire NYC NJ 1

Edge Lights flash either red or green and are an added level of safety that becomes visibly clear to any dock worker when it’s safe or not to enter the trailer.

Integrate these Edge Lights with any vehicle restraint controls for an automated level of communication to ensure that a safe loading process takes place.

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