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Commercial Overhead Door and Opener Safety Inspections

By Blog Master on 30 Nov 2020 In commercial garage doors, commercial overhead doors, Garage Door Safety Measures, garage door safety inspection, commercial overhead door safety inspection

In many commercial or industrial settings, automated garage door systems are a common feature. While these modern access systems, like overhead and coiling garage doors, are known for their reliability, ensuring regular maintenance is crucial to maintaining optimal performance and safety standards.

Commercial Overhead Door Spring RepairPreventive Maintenace for Commercial Garage Doors

End-users can inspect their commercial overhead door and opener systems briefly to confirm functionality, promoting top-notch safety and minimizing downtime. Timely repairs can prevent minor issues from escalating, saving costs and hassle. Let's explore simple checks and cost-effective repairs to avoid system failures.

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1. Commercial Door & Opener System: Visual Inspection

Regularly inspect your door system:

- Check hardware tightness and visible wear.
- Examine track assembly for proper attachment and damage.
- Assess roller tires for straightness and tightness.
- Inspect lift cables for fraying and wiring for wear or loose connections.
- Look at spring assembly for lubrication and broken springs. Signs of breakage include space between coils or misshapen springs. Beware of cycling doors with broken springs as it's unsafe and wears out the opener system. For coiling steel doors, watch for damaged or bent slats, listen for grinding noises, and note inconsistent operating speeds.

Broken Garage Doors - Broken Cables, Springs and Tracks.Commercial Garage Door Parts

2. Commercial Door & Opener System: Operational Test

After completing the visual inspection, operate the door to the fully open position and back to the fully closed position:

- Check for smooth operation.
- Listen for any unusual sounds.
- Ensure the door opens fully and remains in place.
- Confirm it closes securely without gaps on the floor.

Operational Test; fully open and fully closed position

Learn how to inspect and tune up your commercial overhead door

3. Safety Device Test

Your system most likely incorporates a safety feature, either a stopping/reversing bottom edge device or a photo eye safety reverse device. If not, it should require constant pressure on the close button for operation.

a) With a reversing bottom edge, initiate the close cycle and firmly bump the door's bottom edge upward; it should stop and reverse.

b) For systems with photo eyes, begin the close cycle and obstruct the light beam; the door should halt and reverse.

Failure of these tests requires immediate servicing to prevent potential damage or injury.

Garage Door Photo Sensors, Photo Eyes - 2Photo-eye Sensors

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4. Traffic Control Systems

If your system incorporates traffic control devices like traffic lights, rotating beacons, or audible warnings, ensure they operate correctly.

Traffic control systems; audible warnings; Safetyinstructions

By conducting the previously mentioned inspections and addressing any issues beforehand, your commercial garage overhead door and opener systems can maintain their safety and reliability.

At Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey, we recommend an annual preventative inspection. This allows us to thoroughly inspect, test, lubricate, and adjust all door systems as needed. Following the preventative service inspection, we provide a list of suggested or required repairs for your consideration.

Since 1972, Overhead Door Co. of Central Jersey has been providing top-quality products and services. Reach out to us at 908-722-5785 for assistance with all your commercial/industrial garage doors, operators, and loading dock equipment needs.

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